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Expert Systems & Web Solutions, Inc. is a global provider of innovative consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. We deliver solutions that leverage the process knowledge of our consultants. Our services are broad based and include business process improvement, analytical services, ERP implementations, global roll-outs, E-business solutions, upgrades, testing, as well as application management, and infrastructure support. We partner with leading technology companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems to maximize the value we bring to our customers. We stay abreast of the latest advances of our partners so that our customers can continually benefit from these. Our employees have on an average over ten years of industry and consulting experience that enables them to make our customers more competitive. Currently our employee are implementing IT solutions for clients in financial industry like Fannie Mae, ADP, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, HSBC, Wells Fargo Bank, etc.

Why choose us

Total Service Provider (TSP)

Expert Systems & Web Solutions is providing end-to-end solutions to some of our customers. These solutions include concept, strategy, design, development, implementation and support. Our methodology – CAP*Method is being used for its successful implementation.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Offering

Expert Systems & Web Solutions provide infrastructure management and outsourcing services to customers, freeing up their resources to focus more on application management issues.</p> <p>Key areas of MSP functionality include:<br /> · Network and application monitoring, testing, and maintenance<br /> · Database architecture and management<br /> · Systems and network management<br /> · Network and application performance assessment<br /> · Capacity scaling, load balancing, and Security


Expert Systems & Web Solutions offers Cloud Solutions services to its customers by partnering with the application owner, hardware and software vendors, and using our consulting services to customize the application. Expert Systems & Web Solutions can redesign any client/ server or legacy application into web based application so that it can be offered to the customers in Cloud Solutions mode.


Expert Systems & Web Solutions offers consulting services by means of projects and staff supplementation. As TSP and end-to-end solutions provider, we offer project services under flexible environments best suited for the customers. Following sections explain the environments and depending on the situation customer can select a combination of these environments. Our Project Approach based on methodology and toolsets enable us to handle any complex situation during the project implementations.
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